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Cloud Computing

We provide our customers cloud solutions from multi vendors;  Microsoft, IBM, VMware ,  Google and others.



We work with our customers for securing all solutions, data and network using multi security vendors; Fortinet, Palo Alto, Sophos, Juniper, Cyberroam, F5, Cisco, meraki and others.


Big Data 

Since Big data & Increasing data size is one important feature of this era, we are working on leading providers of high-speed data storage solutions, with partnerships with entities like EMC, IBM, Netapp, HP and QNAP.

1. Managed IT solutions

2. Big data and storage solutions

3. Cloud solutions

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

The real value in IT solutions is not only in selling and installing technology but in the value it provides,

The value in choosing the right solution the customer values



Cloud Computing



ITEGY Vision

Being the leading solution providers in the areas of networking, internet and data communication application in the Geos we are operating in.

Our vision aims for an integrated economy that enables complete coordination and connectivity between all market sectors, performing at a high degree of efficiency. Such an integrated economy would ensure complete consistency and feasibility of any development plan that  might be achieved through a new public network that combines the wide connectivity of the internet with the assured performance and security of the private networks.

ITEGY Values

  • Provide efficient problem solving solutions

  • Satisfying our partners

  • Delivering promised commitments on time

  • Develop our people

  • Enhancing cooperation values  and team spirit

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