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Established back in 2009, ITEGY for computer and network solutions, happens to be a pioneer in system integration and data communication application and one of the strongest Egyptian companies in the IT business. ITEGY are innovators, designers and developers of cutting edge communication technology across wide applications spectrum in both system integration and communication.


Today, our expertise in data communication system integration based applications, has enabled ITEGY to work closely with leading manufacturers and developers in these fields to add value to awide range of hardware and software products. ITEGY  is enabling customers to create competitive advantage by transforming the business of networking through securing networks against increasingly frequent and sophisticated attacks, and providing secure access to remote recourses for customers.


As one of leading firms  in the IT field, our aim is to establish a web network with public and private sector clients, achieving maximal commitment of customer satisfaction  and as an Egyptian company , ITEGY will contribute significantly  towards the process of e-government and web-based business development. This happened through providing secured data communication and networking solutions for all business sectors.


Increasing the overall profitability through reallocation of capital towards opportunities offering higher returns.

-  Stimulate future organizational growth

-  Enhance long-term activities through gradual expansion on a more global scale

-  Build partnerships with key customers, both in business – to – business and business –           to – customer’s areas

-  Drive productivity through the installation of the latest technological know –

    how and improving the working conditions, which would lead to an increase in

    the marginal productivity of labor

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